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EXCUSE ME By Seline. is an ever growing platform for creatives, that embraces and promotes individuality and the full process from concept to production of the creative community. 


Seline first launched her brand in November 2019 with the aim to create a publication which acts as a platform for creatives to have their voices heard and share their crafts. The publication itself is centred around Culture as a whole, as a way for Seline to channel her dynamic set of skills and most importantly, interests. 


Since the launch of the brand, EXCUSE ME By Seline. has provided late night gigs with local artists, hosted several interviews with creatives of the Black community for Black Lives Matter, and has also sold merchandise internationally. 


Seline herself currently creates all the content and manages the business as Founder and Director. 


The concept for EXCUSE ME By Seline. stems from Seline's appreciation and flourishing nature when placed within the context of metropolitan culture.

The title of the brand "EXCUSE ME By Seline" also furthers this idea through the means that the first point of direct contact between two people, a conversation starter, is usually "Excuse me". Its a way to start a conversation, whether its with someone you already know or not. "Excuse me" is the first point of social interaction  between individuals and can be heard constantly within the metropolitan area as a way to begin a sentence, ask a question, say sorry, etc. 

Seline also chose a cigarette pack to be the first design of the brand due to the inspiration of her surroundings within Nottingham and UK culture where on nights out the communities gather within the smoking area and that first point of contact between two people is usually a "Excuse me can I borrow your lighter" or "Excuse me can I steal a cig". 


please note that the brand itself does not endorse smoking. 

With the brand being an inclusive platform for all creatives, Seline wanted to use her platform to share the thoughts and talents of the Black community during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


This included interviews with creatives of the Black community across the UK, such as musician Re Teu, poet Janella Dankwa, artist Tiffany Holland and community activist Janelle Ciara. These interviews allowed for the creatives to use the platform to share their craft and their talents whilst also raising awareness on the discrimination they personally have faced and how we as a community can help to educate others on systemic racism.

The success of the interviews saw a large social involvement in the IGTV series and received incredible feedback from the community created by EXCUSE ME By Seline.  

The current development of EXCUSE ME By Seline. is focussing on the core of Seline's personal values, which is the importance of sentiment and passion. 

This new series awaiting to be launched focusses on Seline's upbringing and Lebanese heritage whilst also being brought up for the majority of her life in the UK and the teachings and values she holds close to her heart which have shaped her personality and the woman she is becoming today.

The new take on the design is heavily focussed on the influences of her mother's teachings and the integral nature of the arts as a key factor in this.

black lives matter


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