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Packaging Design

Luisa's Vegan Chocolates is an ethical and sustainable independent business based within the heart of Nottingham's creative centre. When initially tasked to create a range of branding for the business, this included Seline designing the below over her 1 year duration at the business:


- all product labels

- packaging stickers

- limited edition packaging 

- brand collaboration labels and packaging for both brands

- Taste Note cards identifying the range of taste nuances within the chocolates to help allow customers to understand the differences in the chocolates.

- Gift box/ truffle menu cards.

As an independent and growing business, Seline was in charge of the design and development of all branding and packaging, constantly working alongside the directors of the company in order to understand their likes/dislikes and requirements for the packaging of a new product line. Due to this, it also meant that Seline was in constant contact with printers and label printers in order to see the full completion of the packaging.

Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborations

Seline's success in designing a whole branding range for the business allowed for established international and national brands to choose her to continue their branding design for their collaborations with Luisa's Vegan Chocolates. These establishments include: 

-  The UK Her Majesty's Foreign Office and University of Nottingham's joint collaboration with Luisa's Vegan Chocolates which has been exhibited internationally in Colombia and Malaysia, as well as nationally.

-  Bird & Blend Tea Co. collaboration saw Seline's packaging displayed in their chain of stores nationwide for a Christmas collaboration of limited edition products. Due to this success, Seline's packaging also remained visible within their Nottingham store where we worked together on more unique and popular products.

- Neon Raptor Brewery requested unique brand collaboration labels for the involvement in their cocoa nib beer that they produced as part of a giveaway which also involved Papua New Guinea chocolate bars.

These collaborations also meant that Seline was not only designing on behalf of the directors at Luisa's Vegan Chocolates, but also all these other listed establishments. Therefore Seline was working closely with the requirements and requests of different HR personnel in a professional manner.

Product Design